High Red Belt

Poomsae: Taegeuk Pal Jang

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Kicking Combinations

Combo A

  1. Slide back
  2. Roundhouse kick
  3. Roundhouse kick
  4. Double roundhouse kick

Combo B

  1. Fast-step roundhouse kick
  2. Double roundhouse kick
  3. Tornado roundhouse kick
  4. Turning whip kick

Breaking Technique

  • Tornado jumping drop kick


Leader, Role Model, Teacher

As you approach the rank of 1st Dan you are gaining leadership responsibility within our school. You are becoming a role model and a teacher. This is an honor to be accepted joyfully and seriously.

Techniques in Korean Challenge

You can speak the Korean names of techniques by knowing fewer words than you might think. Take this challenge. For each technique below:

  • Say it.
  • Demonstrate it.
  • Name the poomsae in which it is first performed.


  1. oreun ap seogi: right walking stance
  2. wen dwit kubi: left back stance
  3. kodureo arae makki: assisted low block
  4. hansonnal momtong bakkat makki: one knifehand trunk outside block
  5. hansonnal olgul bitureo makki: one knifehand face twist block
  6. sonnal momtong makki: two knifehand (trunk) block
  7. batangson momtong an-makki: palmheel trunk inside opposite block 
  8. palkup dollyeo chigi: elbow turning hit
  9. mureup chigi: knee hit
  10. hansonnal mokchigi: one knifehand inward neck hit
  11. deung-jumeok olgul ap-chigi: backfist face front hit
Our Credo

So that we may bring honor upon our school and ourselves, we will…

  • Abide within the absolute spirit of the martial arts through training of the mind and body.
  • Stand solidly united in a common bond of disciplined fellowship. 
  • Respect the rules of this academy and obey the command of the instructor.