Yellow Belt

Poomsae: Taegeuk Il Jang

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Kicking Combination

  1. Slide back
  2. Roundhouse kick
  3. Roundhouse kick

Breaking Technique

  • Drop kick


Sections of the Body

When blocking, the reference to the body indicates which section you are protecting: low, middle (trunk), or high (face).

  • Block | Mak-ki | 막기
  • Low block | Ah-rae mak-ki | 아래 막기
  • Inside block, literally, trunk block | Moem-tong mak-ki | 몸통 막기
  • Outside block, literally, trunk outward block | Moem-tong ba-kat mak-ki | 몸통 바깥 막기
  • High block, literally, face block | Ul-guel mak-ki | 얼굴 막기

Challenge: How do these 4 blocks use the sections of the body in their names?

Stretching Exercises

Flexibility is important in Taekwondo. Stretching promotes youthful agility and a sense of physical well-being. Flexibility results in a greater range of targets on an opponent.

How are You?
  • How are you? (formal) | Ahn-yeong ha-shim-ni-ka | 안녕하십니까